NFT marketplace, Creators, DAO, on Rootstock
Explore, discover, tokenize and make your photos/assets work for you on Rootstock
Optic Odyssey NFT Marketplace: Explore and tokenize your photos to NFTs on Rootstock. The NFT marketplace is where all NFTs created on Optic Odyssey are being sold. You can fix a price for your NFTs or set them up for bidding. Highest bidder can then buy the NFT. Defaulters of the marketplace will be penalized. Listing an NFT on the marketplace is free and only the buyer pays for transaction fees. These transaction fees will be used to fund photographers/creators seeking for funding.
DAO: All photographers and creators from anywhere in the world, all cultures of life have an option to join the Optic Odyssey DAO. By becoming a member of the DAO, you are able to request for funding and make governance decisions and vote in the DAO.
Profile: All it takes to tokenize your photos as NFTs is to create a profile, and by the powerful application of the Filebase AWS SDK, upload your photos and publish.
You will be automatically navigated to the dashboard in 120 seconds....